District Productions

District Productions is a home to friendly full service audiovisual production. Focusing mainly on commercial advertising, we stay true to our roots in saving space and energy for independent projects with creative and artistic heartbeat. Production is our skill, our craft and our trade. Our aim is to provide reliable production background and great service for local agencies as well as foreign crews and production houses.

District is another way to say neighbourhood and that’s in fact what describes us best. Production work in our ‘hood’. Doing what we love and doing it well in the place where we live and know-oh so well.

Established some time ago. We wanted to say how many years exactly but that would mean we would have to change that every year so let’s just say that tens of years of experience in the advertising and film industry including those spent studying at FAMU brought us where we are now. Confident that we know- how, we are happy to offer our services.